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Sunday, March 27, 2011

postheadericon Hesitations...Hesitations

A lot of people have thought of having their house cleaned but there are many concerns that come with the process!
Some common concerns revealed and addressed:
"I call a company and talk to a really nice lady who gives me an estimate, but I have no idea who is actually going to clean my home."
Tulsa Clean Team understands this common concern and we go out of our way to cater to our clients needs!  You call us and you're only going to talk to one person, me!  I am the owner and I take every call that comes in for Tulsa Clean Team, night and day.  Who's going to clean your house?  My crew of personally trained girls who are lead by my mother of 33 years!  If I'm not going to be onsite for your cleaning, my mom will be and that is huge peace of mind for my clients!  I am in attendance for at least 50% of the cleanings that take place, on average.  We try to send the same crew each time to ensure consistency!
"I'm too embarrassed to let anyone see my house."
I'm sure Doctors and Dentists hear the same thing!  I would not pass judgement on a person for the condition of their house!  We all understand that people are busy, families have 2 parents working, and there just isn't time for cleaning!  I cater to the busy working families that have to budget the cleanings in and I understand, first hand, that life is too busy for cleaning! Even if I know you, don't be embarrassed!  I maintain a professional atmosphere and you'll never catch me or any of my crew members telling another person about a clients house!
"I have to clean before the cleaning people come."
While it's true that we can get more cleaning done if the areas are clutter free, it is not required!  I also provide organizing and de-cluttering services and we can work with each individual client to cater to their specific needs.  If your house is small, and there isn't a lot of space to put things, I can help you!  A lot of people think they need to clean first, but just relax and let us work our magic!
"I can't afford to have my house cleaned."
My rates are very affordable and competitive.  I offer a very thorough cleaning service and take pride in my affordable rates and quality of work!  I have a referral incentive program which allows you one free cleaning for every 4 referrals.  Wether your referral is a one time cleaning or a routine client, you will still get the bonus!  I am very flexible and can work with your budget, if necessary.
"What about theft or damage to my home?"
In 2.5 years, I have had zero issues with theft.  I have had the following things broken:  A decorative vase full of vinegar and olives, and a small picture frame.  One time, I accidentally laid a toilet wand on light colored carpet and it stained it blue!  The items were replaced, and I offered to fix the carpet.  I have a carpet company that I work with, and told them to send me the bill!  The only people who work on my crews are people that I know personally, and trust 100%.  You are putting your faith in me, when you give me access to your home and I put my faith in my crew!
"I don't want the cleaning people to snoop through my house."
You can leave anything you want laying around, and we're not going to snoop through it!  We have tunnel vision and we are there to complete a task and move on to the next house!  I tell everyone who works for me to assume that every house has cameras and not to do anything you wouldn't want the home owner to see!
"I've had other cleaning services before and they just didn't do anything above and beyond basic cleaning."
The reason I have a high percentage of referrals and repeat clientele is because we go above and beyond the basics, everytime!  Try it, you won't regret it!
If you have any other concerns that I did not address here, feel free to post them here or email me at


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